2005 - Urahara Kisuke, "Bleach"

anime south 2005

To this day I'm upset with myself for forgetting to take my glasses off before the photoshoot.

2005 - Donquixote Doflamingo, "One Piece"

anime south 2005 (winner: Judge's Award)

This is what I considered my first "proper" cosplay. Legend says that I'm still finding pink feathers around the house to this day.

2005 - Dr. Ni Jianyi, "Saiyuki"

jacon 2005

Remember what I said about sad and occasionally psychotic megane dilfs? God this was a weird guy to cosplay.

2006 - Fujimoto Miki, Morning Musume

Anime South 2006

Tried to sew the blazer. Got frustrated. Did not finish the blazer. This is a half-finished cosplay.

2007 - Angel Starr, "Phoenix Wright"

Anime South 2007

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite cosplays. Hence all the photos.

2007 - Kikimaru Eiji, "Prince of Tennis"

Anime South 2007

I had a Seigaku uniform, and I couldn't decide which overdramatic tennis boy I most wanted to embody. I wound up cosplaying Eiji because I had red hair at the time and I didn't want to wear a wig.