2002 - The Bride from "Kill Bill, Volume 1"

halloween costume

The most notable thing I remember about this costume is that I found a pair of Onitsuka Tigers on eBay and painted them yellow and black. Also RIP the yellow FUBU tracksuit I sacrificed to this endeavor.

2004 - Sergeant Tashigi, "One Piece"

jacon 2004

For a while, I felt compelled to only cosplay characters who canonically wore glasses. Also Tashigi is dope.

2004 - Seiji Ogata, "Hikaru no Go"

jacon 2004

There was this whole archetype of sad and occasionally psychotic megane dilfs - usually obsessed with besting teenagers - in the early 2000's. That was my type. I want to say that at least two people asked if I was cosplaying Crawford from Weiss Kreuz. He's also in that category.

2004 - Kohza, "One Piece"

Jaco halloween